The Amazing Faithfulness of God

Today’s Scripture Study | Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

In August of 2021, I embarked on quite an adventure…the purchase of a mobile home. At nearly 70 years old, a widow, and a women who’s income is not always stable; Proverbs 3:5-6 takes on new meaning. In fact, the only thing that kept me sane during this adventure was knowing that God is faithful. I believe this home was sent by Him. Why? Because all the circumstances just fell into place so easily as you will see as you continue to read.

One day I mentioned to my friend, Diana, that I would love to buy a mobile home somewhere in the woods and she told me that there was a mobile home community near her. I did some searches on the internet and found the community she was referring to and the very first home featured was one at $34,900. I thought…that is affordable!! My friends, Lois and Herb came with me to look at the structure to make sure it was solid. As we stood outside looking at the home, Herb said, “it’s like it was meant for you.” I put an offer on the home and it was a done deal!

Next, I had to secure a mortgage. I mentioned to my friend, Charles, that I was about to purchase a mobile home and he asked “will you need to secure a mortgage?” “Yes,” I said. He said, “well don’t do that…I’ll lend you the money.” “What,” I responded in shock! He offered to provide the money needed to complete the purchase…just like that! I never asked. I never would have asked. I was overwhelmed by his generosity! He drew up a contract, we met, I signed and he gave me a check for the remaining balance of the home minus my down payment. He even threw in a little extra for repair money. What a gift he gave me!

After taking ownership, Herb and his son Deane offered to fix some things for me, and make an inspection of all that needs to be done! Diana sent her husband, Bruce and their son, Trevor along with family members Mickey and Joe, to rip up the carpet; remove it; and burn it to make it ready to replace the carpet with wood flooring. They, then, decided to actually put the entire floor in for me! What a gift! Lois decided that she wanted to buy me a new stove to replace the one that was there and was pretty much “uncleanable”. Her husband, Herb bought me a kitchen table set! He also asked the site manager if he would cut down some of the trees so I could get more sun! Lois’ son, Deane bought me a lawn mower and Diana’s nephew, Joe cut the grass for me the first time.

My dear friends literally took over to help me through the worry and the responsibility of owning a home as a widow. In fact, my take-charge friend, Diana, changed the locks and wouldn’t give me a key until the floors were down and the house was cleaned! Kathy; my pastor’s wife along with Lois, Stephanie and Diana took care of that! My pastor, Randy put in a new shower head and blocked up all the holes where mice could find their way in. And, when I would start to worry, they all reminded me of one thing…Look what God has done so far! Far more than I could have ever expected!

Moving Day! My intention was to pay for professional movers but my friend Ron, said “why would you want to do that?” I’ll get a group of people together for you. Moving day came and a wonderful group of people came to help me move. Ron & Pat, Keith, Joe & Linda, Steve & Lisa, Bob, and Dick all came to my rescue to help me move down 20 steps with a washer & dryer, heavy furniture, dressers and a cat that hated everyone there.

Moved In! Finally, once my house was set up and ready for company, my friend Donna came to dinner and gave me a Welcome to Your New Home gift…a check for the first month’s mortgage! How could I deny that this house was a gift from our faithful God! And He used my dearest friends to bless me!

Looking Back

All this brings me to a verse that God showed me on the day we found out that my husband had cancer. As my husband was upstairs, I sat in my living room with my bible in my lap, crying that my husband’s cancer was already far advanced when we discovered it. Of course, my mind went to the place that most people’s mind would go when given a stage 4 cancer diagnosis…that he was going to die. As I sat there praying for healing for my husband and asking God.. who will take care of me when I’m old if you take my husband…selfish, I know, but honest. But if I hadn’t asked that question, I would have missed this verse as I opened my bible:

Even to your old age and gray hairs
    I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
    I will sustain you and I will rescue you. Isaiah 46:4

I’ll never forget that…it was like God himself was sitting in my living room with me with His Hand on my shoulder comforting me! Telling me to trust Him! Loving me! I will never forget that! And He has done just what He said!

Since I’ve become a widow, even though I’ve gone through some difficult circumstances, God always worked everything out! Not only did He work out the hard things, but He provided income for me in a way that allows me to stay at home and work (which is such a blessing because, of course, He knows I can’t drive in the snow). He gave me a church family! He enabled me to get a new car when my car was literally falling apart! He has kept me healthy so I can work which I will need to do until He takes me Home given my new responsibilities. He gave me wonderful friends! Friends after God’s own heart. Friends that willingly gave up their time and money to care for me. Friends that love me because they love God. I am so very grateful for them.

At 70, I am now “old” and gray…sort of. He has sustained me. He made me and He will carry me. He will rescue me; He has rescued me. He has done what He said He would do. I have no reason to doubt that He will continue to do what He said He would do! His grace amazes me and there is so much more to this story of the sustaining grace of God. Sadly, sometimes, I still get anxious and doubt, but His grace is still there. And He whispers…Jillian, Jillian, you of little faith. His conviction brings me back to my senses and I continue to trust in my incredibly faithful God.

He will never leave or forsake any of His children. Even when things seem at their worst, I believe God will always sustain, carry, and rescue us.


Father, thank you for sustaining, carrying and rescuing me. And thank you for the dear friends you have put into my life. I pray for them and ask that you provide for all their needs. I desire always to trust and never doubt, but I am a flawed woman who wants her own way and is prone to worry. Yet, I know that you are sovereign and in control of my life and all things in the universe. I pray for your will in my life and though that can be daunting; I know that you give us the desires of our hearts and only what is best to make us more like Jesus. Thank you for that gift. In Jesus’ precious name.